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PostSubject: Post your Picture   Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:15 am

1. No Inappropriate Pictures - This goes for personal photo's. We do NOT need to see you in a bathing suit, or in very revealing clothing. We understand that sometimes people like to draw attention to themselves by "how they look" but it is uncalled for. Anyone posting any inappropriate pictures will get an infraction (depending on the image) and if it gets carried away we will have to consider removing the threads or possibly banning certain users.

2. Posting Personal Things - If you post or give out personal information, this is your choice. Don't be upset or complain if people laugh or insult you about things. You take full responsibility over what you do. Nobody forces you to post things. So please be aware when posting personal pictures or desktops or any other personal information.

3. Posting Desktops - This can be a very fun thread, but can also lead to certain things. If you post your desktop we ask that you Block out anything that people should not be viewing. Any Personal files, any Email Addresses etc. We understand that some people might be using there parents or family computer in which case could have certain things on there that are private. So please take the responsibility to block it out. (Block it out with Paint and just erase the names etc. If you would like help feel free to PM me.)l

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we come across less problems in this area. If you have any questions you can PM any moderator or myself.

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