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Any members of this clan should post their info in this topic if they want their ranks assigned to the forums.

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 Want To Schedule Clan War Read this First

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PostSubject: Want To Schedule Clan War Read this First   Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:35 pm

Simple guys, All Clan wars must be Okay'd by an online Admin.
This is to prevent playing with hacking clans and totally ruining our records.
Clan wars is harder and you are battling against the best players so be prepared to die if you choose to Clan War.

WE MUST CLAN WAR A LOT or we cannot achieve higher levels of Clan
I've been part of 3 level 5 clans in the past so I know how to run those things.

Oh and BTW this is TheMadCanuck I am the clan leader if anyones wondering!

Check the Unworthy List to find out which clans Hack!
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Want To Schedule Clan War Read this First
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